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Wireless Otoscope Ear Cleaning Camera

Wireless Otoscope Ear Cleaning Camera

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Introducing the FLOOGEAR Wireless Ear Camera, a visual ear cleaning tool that comes equipped with a 3MPX miniature HD camera and can be used for safely inspecting your ears, nose, back, scalp, or even small inaccessible areas around the house.

We have created the first ear wax removal tool with a built-in camera that is designed to be accessible to retail customers and easy to use with iOS devices, iPhone, iPad, and Android phones or tablets.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 360 reviews
Kimberly Felix
Amazing Product!!

The picture quality is so outstanding you are able to see the eardrum so clearly. It was easy to download and set up the app to use the ear wax camera.

Best Ear Wax Removal Tool

This ear cleaner is by far the best purchase I have made for ear wax. It is easy to use and the picture quality is phenomenal! I have wasted so much money for other products, that just got tossed in the trash. My daughter was a preemie and was born with small ear canals. She always had issues with ear wax buildup. No matter what I have tried, it either hurt her or didn't clear her canal. She is 18 now and downloaded the app for the camera and tried it out. She was thrilled! The camera was insanely clear. This is a great find!

Koa Pugh
More than worth it

So I'm not going to lie... I kinda wanted one of these since I've seen all the cool videos on Tik Tok and I just wanted to see inside my ears lol After I received this I couldn't wait to try it. It is way cooler than I thought it would be. I was able to clean out my ears, look into my children ears and help them remove wax besides using just Q-tips. They also thought it was the coolest to be able to see what their own or their siblings ear looks like on the inside. Definately recommend this to anyone on the fence - worth it!

Paul Parra
I expected to return this

...but I found this instrument to be worth every bit of the cost. I am 53 Y/O and over the last several years I wake up with a plugged ear. Yes I am guilty of using Q-tips to clean my ears (but they feel soooo goooooood). A plugged ear can last days to weeks. I walk around feeling like a 5 lb weight is hung on my ear when my ear is plugged.

Eugenia Cipriani
Saved a trip to hospital

This is a great thing. I’ve struggled with ear wax for my whole life. It’s very easy to connect to with your phone and the camera quality is quite good. Has helped prevent trips to urgent care to have my ears flushed out which is a win to me.


Compatible Devices

• iOS devices

• iPhone

• iPad

• Android phones

• Android tablets


• Color: White

• Camera Diameter: 5.5mm

• Viewing Angle: 70°

• Waterproof Rate: IP67

• Focal Length: 1.5cm - 2.0cm

• Resolution: 1920 x 1080

• Image Sensor: CMOS

• Light Source: 6 LED pieces

Package Contents

• 1x FLOOGEAR Intelligent Wireless Ear Pick Otoscope

• 3x Earpicks

• 1x Micro USB Charging Cable


  • ear camera kit


    The revolutionary 3-Axis smart directional gyroscope allows the miniature HD camera in this ear wax cleaning camera tool to achieve an accurate measurement from as low as a 0.05° angle. This combination of micro-technology will provide you with a crystal clear feed and make ear wax removal easier than ever.


    Our new and improved Ear Scoop is made to be flexible yet durable, while maintaining a low and lightweight profile. Installing the ear scoop is as quick and easy as sliding it into place. These Ear Scoops are designed to fit tightly over the ear wax removal tool to ensure they will not come loose during any procedure or inspection.

  • ear cleaning tool


    Each FLOOGEAR Ear Camera is IP67 waterproof certified, and is specifically designed with a watertight seal, so you can effectively disinfect it after each use. Use this ear cleaning kit with a clear conscience knowing that it can be thoroughly sanitized and sterilized. We recommend lightly dampening a cloth with alcohol to thoroughly wipe the entire pen.


    We made sure this LED Otoscope Earwax Cleaning Tool is as easy to use as ordering one online! The FLOOGEAR Ear Canal Wax Removal Kit is built with plug and play software and is ready to use right out of the box. This usability allows you to take your Ear Wax Otoscope Kit anywhere like on vacation, family gatherings, etc.



Personal hygiene is a vital part of everyone's daily life and has become more important than ever due to recent events. But when was the last time you checked inside your ears or even cleaned them? Regular ear inspections and maintenance is a task that is often forgotten because of how difficult it can be without access to the proper equipment or visiting a specialist. With our wireless ear camera, you can save yourself a trip to the doctors and maintain proper ear care in the comfort of your own home!


With the FLOOGEAR Ear Camera, you can achieve real-time observation of your ear canal. The ultra small lens comes equipped with HD pixels that allows for easy access to your ear canal and is illuminated by a 6 piece LED lamp for clear navigation. While the FLOOGEAR Ear Canal Wax Removal Tool is designed for your ear, it can be used in a wide range of scenarios. Such as inspecting your nose, back, scalp, throat, or even small inaccessible areas around the house, making it an essential tool for any family.


Designed and developed with attention to detail. Everything from the earpick to the camera sensor was built to make ear-care more efficient. Built with the most user-friendly experience; it takes less than one minute to set up this Ear Canal Wax Removal Kit. Everything you need comes ready to use in our hassle-free packaging. Simply download our viewing app and you are ready to experience the future of ear cleaning.