how to get water out of your ears

How To Get Water Out Of Your Ears

Getting water stuck in your ears can be an annoying and uncomfortable experience. Whether you've been swimming or taken a shower, water can get trapped in your ears and cause discomfort or even an infection if left untreated. In this blog post, we'll explore some effective ways to get water out of your ears and recommend the best ear cleaning tool for safe and effective ear cleaning.

How to get water out of your ears

  1. Gravity

The simplest way to get water out of your ears is by using gravity. Tilt your head to the side with the affected ear facing downwards and gently shake your head. The water should start to come out on its own.

  1. Valsalva Maneuver

The Valsalva maneuver involves closing your mouth and nose and gently blowing out. This technique can help to equalize the pressure in your ears and push out any trapped water.

  1. Ear Drops

Over-the-counter ear drops can help to dry out the water and reduce inflammation. You can use a few drops of alcohol or vinegar, which help to evaporate the water, or a few drops of hydrogen peroxide, which can help to remove any earwax that may be blocking the water.

  1. Ear Irrigation

Ear irrigation involves using a syringe or a specialized ear cleaning tool like the FLOOGEAR Ear Camera to gently flush out the water. This method should only be used if you're comfortable with it, and it's important to use sterile water to avoid infection.

Best Ear Cleaning Tool: FLOOGEAR Ear Camera

The FLOOGEAR Ear Camera is the best and safest ear cleaning tool on the market. This innovative tool allows you to safely and effectively remove excess water and earwax without the risk of damage to your ear canal or eardrum.

The FLOOGEAR Ear Camera connects to your phone or tablet, providing a clear view of the inside of your ear canal. This allows you to identify any blockages and safely remove them using a soft cloth or ear irrigation.

Not only is the FLOOGEAR Ear Camera safe and effective, but it's also incredibly easy to use. Simply connect the camera to your phone or tablet, insert it into your ear, and start cleaning.

In conclusion, getting water stuck in your ears can be uncomfortable, but there are several effective ways to remove it. From using gravity to ear drops or ear irrigation, there are various methods you can use to get rid of the water. However, the best and safest way to clean your ears is by using a specialized ear cleaning tool like the FLOOGEAR Ear Camera. Don't hesitate to purchase yours today at and take control of your ear health.

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